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Workshops & Coaching Opportunities

With more than 20 years of global experience in sustainability, we work one-on-one with companies to train and coach teams to create positive impacts. 

Are you interested in learning more about how to reduce waste? Are you curious how to increase resiliency and performance? Are you struggling to figure out how to implement circularity in your organization?

Shinka Sustainability Consultants will be sharing their knowledge of the circular economy with you to spark a conversation about the future economy and resiliency. We will be sharing some interesting examples from organizations that have been implementing circular business models and introducing you to various tools and methods to help you explore, adapt, and align your organization to prepare for the future.

Introduction to Circular Economy Webinar

Duration: 1 hour

Format: Webinar

Cadence: Every 4 Weeks

Price: Free

In this training session, you will learn about value chain mapping and how it can foster the understanding and implementation of circular design principles.

We will demonstrate how to utilize the Circular Canvas value chain mapping tools; provide an example organization mock scenario; walk through real-world applications of circular design principles; and have an opportunity to participate in short hands-on exercises using the Circular Canvas tool.

You will learn how the concepts of circular economy come to life using the Circular Canvas to spark and guide productive innovation sessions.

Circular Canvas Training

Duration: 2 hours

Format: Training

Cadence: Every 4-6 Weeks

Price: $150 /person

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