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Strategy & Reporting

Shinka Sustainability partners with clients to define the sustainability vision & mission and execute initiatives to drive value for your organization


Sustainability Strategy and Goal Setting

Our process for setting our clients' sustainability strategy and determining the appropriate goals involves workshops and interviews with the leadership team, select internal stakeholders, and external stakeholders. In addition, we perform benchmarking analysis of competitors' sustainability metrics and scores. Then we guide our clients through the development of a Vision and Mission Statement that serves as the directional compass for the organization.


A comprehensive strategy includes:

  • Development of Mission and Vision Statements

  • Competitive Benchmarking

  • Internal Benchmarking of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) data

  • Setting Internal Goals/Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Development of Scorecards for Tracking Goals

  • Long Term Planning and Roadmaps for Achieving Goals and Improving Investor Rankings.

Materiality Assessments

A Materiality Assessment can be included in a Strategy or can be performed as a stand alone project. Materiality Assessments determine the high priority/high impact areas that an organization needs to focus their sustainability initiatives on in order to define the scope of their program and to develop a GRI sustainability report.

Sustainability Reporting and Rankings

Sustainability Reporting

We work with our clients to compile all of their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data to develop an external sustainability report. Many clients also choose to report to supplier surveys and recognized sustainability reporting frameworks including:

  • Global Reporting Index (GRI)

  • Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)


Sustainability Ranking Platforms

We guide our publicly-traded clients through the process of improving their scores that their investors are using to evaluate and rank businesses for investments. We review the scores from the following ranking platforms and determine a strategy for adding value by elevating our clients' profiles with their investors.

  • Sustainalytics

  • Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS)

  • Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI)

  • Bloomberg ESG Indices

  • Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI)

Leadership Development and Employee Engagement

Shinka Sustainability Consultants works to build sustainability programs and empowers leaders and employees to learn about the sustainability initiatives for their organization and continue to advance the program by building internal capabilities and engaging employees to weave sustainability into the culture of the organization and magnify the impact of the programs.


  1. Executive Coaching

  2. Training and Capacity Building

  3. Employee Engagement

Marketing and Messaging

Shinka Sustainability Consultants can partner with your marketing team or bring in our partners to communicate your sustainability achievements to your internal and external stakeholders.

Product Sustainability

Product Sustainability Certification

We have experience working with companies and industries to develop sustainability standards and protocols, as well as guiding our clients through sustainable product certification programs.

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