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Circular Economy


Circular Economy

We are your innovation partner for exploring new business models to reduce waste. We offer a broad array of Circular Economy services to private, public and non-profit clients. 


Shinka Sustainability Consultants develop custom solutions for organizations to explore their products, processes and services to understand the opportunities to evolve into a more circular model.


Circular Innovation Workshops


As Certified Circulab Consultants, we use the Circulab toolkit to facilitate workshops to explore the current business model, create new business models, and collaborate with you to implement your new circular business models for your products, processes, and services.


We use collective intelligence combined with a human centered design approach to facilitate innovation workshops to explore ideas and discuss circular scenarios. Then we prioritize the ideas with the workshop participants and create frameworks for new business models. At the conclusion of the workshop experience, we determine the plan to implement the new business models.


After the workshop experience, we continue to guide your teams through the evolution of the new business model until launch.


Our workshops can be done in person but have also been formatted for virtual participation.


Waste Reduction and Minimization


In addition to workshops, we also provide services to minimize your production wastes to meet your commitments to Zero Waste to Landfill in your operations.


  • Waste Characterization

  • Zero Waste Strategies, Goal Setting, Training, and Implementation

  • TRUE Zero Waste Certification


Product Packaging and Materials


The design, manufacturing, and distribution of products can have a significant impact on the ability to reduce waste at the end of life for the product. We partner with your product design or packaging teams to identify solutions and incorporate Circular business models to meet regulatory demands and organizational commitments.


  • End of Life Opportunities

  • Design for Disassembly

  • Design for Durability

  • Product “Take back” and Reverse Logistics Programs

  • Material Substitutions

  • Alternative Packaging Solutions 

  • Biomimicry and Nature-based Solutions

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